New Talent in the family

We thought as we are a family business we’d like to share an image from our niece’s art collection. She is very talented lady in distortion techniques!


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Customised 20ft Wall

Our team created a 20ft balloon wall for the Intercontinental Hotel.  The hotel chain wanted something with impact for their new logo – well done team!



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London Fashion Week

Big Impact Ceiling fill!   IMG_3245

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Some Jobs just make you smile!

We meet all sorts of people in this job, that’s what makes it exciting and interesting.  We recently decorated for a company in London that produce great cleaning products (Method & Ecover) that are good for the environment, which is a great company in my books!  They wanted the office to look bright and fun to thank their staff for all there hard work.  By the time we left the office looked well and truly ready for a celebration.   What a great team we felt quite up lifted by the time we left – makes our job so worth while 🙂


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Balloons For “You Tube”

BDD Events team were excited to have supplied balloon decor for the opening of the new London offices for “You Tube” you-tube

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Channel 4

Our team were proud to have provided balloon decorations for Channel 4  😀

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Heart Radio

We have been busy delivery big printed balloons for Heart Radio’s “Taxi to Take off” comp. around London.  You never know where our team will pop up next 🙂Heart balloons

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Samsung Launch

We have had another fantastic week….

BDD Events team are proud to be apart of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge launch today!

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Seasonal Dec

BDD Events team have been busy coming up with fabulous ideas for Halloween and Christmas.

For Halloween we have towering balloon black & orange swirl columns covered in creepy spiders.  For Christmas 3 New packages to transform your office party with glittering decor!

We have over 20yrs experience and are just as passionate about our clients decor – whether its a corporate event or private party we will make sure its one to remember.

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Custom Printed Balloons: What You Need To Know

Custom-printed balloons come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes, and they’re great for creating the right sort of atmosphere for your promotional event.

But the

choice can be overwhelming, and it can be difficult to choose the most appropriate for your event.

So let’s take a look at some of the most important things you need to think about when looking for the right

balloon display.

Helium or air

When it comes to balloons, choosing whether to inflate them with helium or air

is the ‘big question’.

Helium balloons will float, whereas air-filled balloons won’t – but both have their uses in promotion.

If you’re going for visual impact at an exhibition stand, a ‘floating’ wall of balloons is a great head turner that really attracts attention.

But if you’re giving away your balloons, you might want to think about inflating them

with air, and putting them on a balloon stick. They won’t float, but they’ll last much longer – and the longer the balloon lasts, the more chance there is of someone else noticing your business logo.


The placement of your logo or your slogan really depends on which method of inflation you choose.

If you choose helium, then the neck of the balloon (where it’s tied) will be on the bottom. So your message will need to be printed so that it appears the right way up when the balloons are fully inflated.

On the other hand, air inflated balloons will hang from where they’re tired at the neck. So a normal print alignment with be upside down in this instance.


With a whole range of colours to choose from, it’s easy to get a little carried away! But for maximum impact from your printed balloons, it’s best to keep things simple.

Think about the colours of your company brand. If it’s purple, the obvious choice is to choose purple balloons.

To spice things up in a very simple way, you can always invert the colour scheme. So if you have purple balloons with white text, why not go for white balloons with purple text.

Foil or latex

Foil-printed balloons are designed to catch the eye. They’re for those special occasions when you’re looking for a professional, distinct and stylish display, and they come in a variety of shapes.

Filled with helium, foil balloons stay inflated much longer than latex balloons, which tend to be slightly cheaper, can be filled either with helium or air, and come in a variety of different sizes.


How will you be displaying your balloons?

Maybe you’d like to place a balloon display at either side of your conference stall, in which case, you might need balloon weights and coloured ribbon – and not just to keep them from flying away, but for maximum visual effect.

Or – as we’ve previously mentioned – you might want to offer your balloons as freebies, in which case you’ll probably want cups and sticks. They’ll be easier to give away, and they’ll also last much longer.

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